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Jonathan Mosley, Managing Director

Is it Time for Fleet Sector Marketing Professionals to Try Harder?

I was looking through a fleet magazine supplement recently which had managed to attract a number of advertisements on a particular topic.

What was striking was that most of the adverts looked, and read, the same.

There was a stock art picture that I'd seen a number of times. Some of the text looked like it had been cut and pasted from previous campaigns and overall we, as an industry, looked very generic.

It made me wonder if anyone is really being different and innovative in fleet, or are we all playing it safe on the grounds that finance directors and fleet managers like us to "keep it corporate".

I think there's a huge opportunity being missed though, because if someone was prepared to break the mould and do something really different in the way they marketed themselves they would certainly stand out.

We've done some really innovative marketing recently for some fleet sector firms - some of which has worked well and some of which is still waiting to hit the market.

If you'd like to brainstorm how you could innovative, be different and make an impact I'd be delighted to hear from you.

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