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Grey Fleet - Are We All Getting Carried Away by Buzz Words

Who was it that created the term 'Grey fleet'?

Because in some respects its an ingenious way of labelling with better clarity an important portion of our market, but in other ways its caused more confusion than ever.

Our clients often turn to us and say that they are being asked if they have a grey fleet product? Whether its vehicle finance, online risk management, telematics its as if a branded product is needed.

Those who have been in fleet many years will simply see the grey fleet as being a fancy name for people who use their own cars for business travel - and the products and services are generally no different for them now as they were years ago. PCP's are still available, you risk assess a 'grey fleet' driver in the same way as a company car driver... the list goes on.

But I'm afraid like anything, sometimes you have to join the bun fight and create your own range of grey fleet products - even if they are basically your standard products and services in a different coloured box (metaphorically speaking of course).

So if you haven't introduced your own range of grey fleet services, have a conversation with us. I know of one company that has invested vast sums of money and been extremely badly advised about their grey fleet proposition and still haven't received a single order. Simply because their marketing agency chose to overcomplicate it, blind them with science and persuade them to do all sorts of things that were completely unnecessary.

Don't let it happen to you. Simply call us and tap into our 20 years of expertise in this sector.