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Is there a solution to rising fuel costs?

Do you ever feel that soaring fuel prices mean your business is running to stand still? You're definitely not alone. The price of fuel is one of..... read more >>

Fleet News Awards 2010
The Fleet News awards finalists have been announced and its always very pleasing to know that Espere continues to work with some of the highest profile..... read more >>

Fleet Sector Marketing Training Launched
Espere has launched a 1 day training course for companies looking to market themselves better in the fleet market. Covering all aspects of marketing,..... read more >>

Grey Fleet - Are We All Getting Carried Away by Buzz Words
Who was it that created the term 'Grey fleet'? Because in some respects its an ingenious way of labelling with better clarity an important portion..... read more >>

Business Techies Awards 2009
By Jonathan Mosley who writes ~ Whilst I'm MD of Espere, I'm also proud to be Director - Sales & Marketing of E-Training World.... and here's some..... read more >>

Fleet News Awards 2010
Its that time again when businesses in the fleet market start looking at submitting entries into the Fleet News Awards. For many companies, finding..... read more >>

Looking for Added Value? - Its right under your nose
Added value services that differentiate one fleet company from another typically evolve over time. A client asking for something new. One line of..... read more >>